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All dishes on our menu are freshly made by our cooks. There is a lot of variation in our dishes, so enough choices for everyone! All green dishes are vegetarian.
Entradas / Appetizers
Quesadilla Flour tortilla filled with cheese Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables € 7,50
Nacho's Tortillachips with molten cheese € 7,50 (with chicken, beef or vegetables + € 1,50)
Empanadas Two patties filled with beef or vegetables € 8,50
Champinones Mexicanos Mushrooms filled with onion, cheese and salsa € 8,50
Panitos Mexicanos Sandwiches with chorizo, cheese and gorgonzola € 6,50
Quacamole Avocadomousse served with tortillachips € 8,00
Alas de Pollo Chickenwings in spicy sauce € 7,50
Calamari’s Fried squid rings with garlic €8,50
Scampi's Baked scampi's with garlic and wine € 10,50
Cocktail de Camarones Marinated prawncocktail with garniture € 9,50
Sopas / Soups
Sopa de Verduras Mexican vegetable soup € 6,00
Sopa de Nopalitos Spicy Cactus soup € 6,50
Sopa de Tortillas Tomatosoup with tuna and crispy tortillachips € 6,50
Sopa de Pollo Mexican spiced chickensoup €6,50
Ensaladad / Salads
Ensalada de la Casa Mixed salad € 7,50
Ensalada de Atum Fresh salad with tuna, onion, tomato and cucumber € 8,50
Ensalada de Salmon Fresh salad with salmon, onion, corn and guacamole, served in a tortillabowl € 10,50
Ensalada Marimba An original Mexican salad served in a tortillabowl € 9,00
Ensalada de Nopalitos Variated Mexican salad with cactus leaves €8,50
Guarniciones / Sidedishes
Elote Cocide Cooked corn cub with butter €4,00
Papas Fritas Fries with mayonnaise € 3,80
Arroz Mexicano Mexican spiced rice€ 2,80
Frijoles Calientes Red kidney beans/Mexican black beans € 2,80
Jalapeños Pepertjes Small spicy peppers€ 2,50
Stuffed Jalapeños Filled jalapeños€3,80
Salsas Home-made salsa€ 2,50
Guacamole Home-made avocado mousse € 4,00
Crema Agria Sour cream € 2,50
Ajillo Garlic sauce €1,50
Tortillas Tortillachips € 2,50
Tortillas & Salsa Tortillachips with Salsa € 4,50
Speedy Gonzales Kids menu with fries and a small salad. Choice between: Chicken filet, spareribs or vegetarian € 10,50
Tortillas Mexicanas
Tortillas like they have been eaten for centuries on the Mexican countryside, served with rice, beans, garniture, sour cream, melted cheese, onions and jalapeños.

Taco A crispy tortillashell made of corn flour Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables €13,50
Enchilada A wrapped soft corn tortilla Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables €13,50
Flauta A wrapped soft flour tortilla. Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables€13,50
Combo A choice of two of the tortillas above, served with guacamole. €19,50
Nachos Warm corn tortilla chips with melted cheese, onions, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. Choice between: Chicken, beef, tuna or vegetables €16,50
Three grilled flour tortillas served with sliced onion, paprica, mexican spices, beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole and salad.

Fajitas con pollo with chicken €17,00
Fajitas con carne with beef €19,50
Fajitas mixtas with chicken and beef mixed€18,00
Fajitas y pescados With fish (salmon, shrimp and whitefish) €18,50
Fajitas vegetariana with vegetables €16,00
Especialidades Mexicanas
Mexican specialties served with beans, rice, melted cheese, onions, salad, sour cream and guacamole.

Burrito A big rolled flour tortilla Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables €17,50
Chili A crispy tortilla bowl Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables €17,50
Tostada A flat, crispy corn tortilla Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables €15,50
Quesadilla’s Two double wrapped soft flour tortillas Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables €15,50
Carnes a la Parilla
Grilled meat dishes served with fries and garniture

Costillar Picante Marinated grilled spareribs 400 gr€ 16,50 700 gr € 21,50
Pollo a la Parilla Grilled chicken filet with Mole Pablano sauce €17,50
Costilas de Cordero Grilled lamb chobs € 21,50
Filete de CorderoGrilled lamb tenderloins with baked onion, tomato and mushroomsauce € 21,00
Steak a la casa Grilled steak € 19,50
Ribeye steak Grilled prime beef served with vegetables in tomatosauce € 20,50
Filete Marimba Grilled tenderloin served with cheesecreamsauce and white wine € 23,50
Mixed Grill lamb chobs, lamb tenderloins, spareribs, steak, chicken filet (min. 2 persons) €28,50 pp
Pescados y Mariscos
Baked fish dishes in tomato sauce served with rice, fries and garniture

Salmon de Ajo Baked salmon with leek, paprica, garlic and white wine € 19,50
Camarones a la Mexicana Baked big prawns marinated with white wine, chilipeppers and garlic € 23,50

For a visual and more easy-to-read menu, open our PDF!