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All dishes on our menu are freshly made by our cooks. There is a lot of variation in our dishes, so enough choices for everyone! All green dishes are vegetarian.
Entradas / Appetizers
Quesadilla Flour tortilla filled with cheese Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables 7.5
Nacho's Tortillachips with molten cheese 7.5 (with chicken, beef or vegetables + € 1,50)
Empanadas Two patties filled with beef or vegetables 9
Champinones Mexicanos Mushrooms filled with onion, cheese and salsa 8.5
Panitos Mexicanos Sandwiches with chorizo, cheese and gorgonzola 7.5
Quacamole Avocadomousse served with tortillachips 8.5
Alas de Pollo Chickenwings in spicy sauce 9.5
Calamari’s Fried squid rings with garlic 9
Scampi's Baked scampi's with garlic and wine 12.5
Cocktail de Camarones Marinated prawncocktail with garniture 11.5
Sopas / Soups
Sopa de Verduras Mexican vegetable soup 6.5
Sopa de Nopalitos Spicy Cactus soup 7
Sopa de Tortillas Tomatosoup with tuna and crispy tortillachips 7
Sopa de Pollo Mexican spiced chickensoup 7
Ensaladad / Salads
Ensalada de la Casa Mixed salad 8.5
Ensalada de Atum Fresh salad with tuna, onion, tomato and cucumber 9.5
Ensalada de Salmon Fresh salad with salmon, onion, corn and guacamole, served in a tortillabowl 12.5
Ensalada Marimba An original Mexican salad served in a tortillabowl 9.5
Guarniciones / Sidedishes
Elote Cocide Cooked corn cub with butter 4
Papas Fritas Fries with mayonnaise 4
Arroz Mexicano Mexican spiced rice3.5
Frijoles Calientes Red kidney beans/Mexican black beans 3.5
Jalapeños Pepertjes Small spicy peppers2.5
Stuffed Jalapeños Filled jalapeños4
Salsas Home-made salsa3
Spicky Salsas Home-made spicy salsa3
Guacamole Home-made avocado mousse 4.5
Crema Agria Sour cream 2.5
Ajillo Garlic sauce 2
Tortillas Tortillachips 3
Tortillas & Salsa Tortillachips with Salsa 5
Speedy Gonzales Kids menu with fries and a small salad. Choice between: Chicken filet, spareribs or vegetarian 12.5
Tortillas Mexicanas
Tortillas like they have been eaten for centuries on the Mexican countryside, served with rice, beans, garniture, sour cream, melted cheese, onions and jalapeños.

Taco A crispy tortillashell made of corn flour Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables 14.5
Enchilada A wrapped soft corn tortilla Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables 14.5
Flauta A wrapped soft flour tortilla. Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables14.5
Combo A choice of two of the tortillas above, served with guacamole. 22.5
Nachos Warm corn tortilla chips with melted cheese, onions, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole and salsa. Choice between: Chicken, beef, tuna or vegetables 18.5
Three grilled flour tortillas served with sliced onion, paprica, mexican spices, beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole and salad.

Fajitas con pollo with chicken 20.5
Fajitas con carne with beef 22.5
Fajitas mixtas with chicken and beef mixed21.5
Fajitas y pescados With fish (salmon, shrimp and whitefish) 22.5
Fajitas vegetariana with vegetables 18.5
Especialidades Mexicanas
Mexican specialties served with beans, rice, melted cheese, onions, salad, sour cream and guacamole.

Burrito A big rolled flour tortilla Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables 19.5
Chili A crispy tortilla bowl Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables 19.5
Tostada A flat, crispy corn tortilla Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables 17.5
Quesadilla’s Two double wrapped soft flour tortillas Choice between: Chicken, beef or vegetables 18.5
Carnes a la Parilla
Grilled meat dishes served with fries and garniture

Costillar Picante Marinated grilled spareribs 400 gr 19.5 700 gr 25
Pollo a la Parilla Grilled chicken filet with Mole Pablano sauce 19.5
Costilas de Cordero Grilled lamb chobs 24.5
Filete de CorderoGrilled lamb tenderloins with baked onion, tomato and mushroomsauce 25
Steak a la casa Grilled steak 23
Ribeye steak Grilled prime beef served with vegetables in tomatosauce 25
Filete Marimba Grilled tenderloin served with cheesecreamsauce and white wine 27.5
Pescados y Mariscos
Baked fish dishes in tomato sauce served with rice, fries and garniture

Salmon de Ajo Baked salmon with leek, paprica, garlic and white wine 23.5
Camarones a la Mexicana Baked big prawns marinated with white wine, chilipeppers and garlic 26.5