Postres / desserts

Mono Vanilla icecream with whipped cream € 4,95
Dama Blanca vanilla icecream with chocolatesauce and whipped cream € 5,95
Copa san Pedro Different kinds of icecream with Amaretto, walnuts and whipped cream € 6,95
Copa Mexicana Cinnamon ice with Kahlua and whipped cream € 6,95
Copa Leõn Vanilla icecream with avocado and whipped cream € 6,95
Bananasplit Baked banana with different kinds of icecream, whipped cream and chocolatesauce € 7,50
Manzana Warm appeplie with icecream and whipped cream € 6,50
Empanada Dulce -au-vent with puff paste filled with different kinds of nuts, fruit and Kahlua € 7,95
Tarta de Queso Cheesecake with ice and whipped cream € 6,95
Pastel de Chocolate Chocolatepie with vanilla icecream and whipped cream € 6,95